Karnival Korpus was formed in 2010 in Trondheim Norway by Thomas (guitar), Lars Ivar (guitar), Harald (vocals), Anders (drums and keyboard) and Einar (bass).

From the start the band took their influence from bands like Soundgarden, Clutch and Free. After a few years writing songs and playing live they released EP «Funky Dirt» in 2012 to great reviews from the blues rock and classic rock press.

After that release the band shifted focus and went down a darker musical direction with the release of their first full length album «Warchild» in 2014. You can still hear the classic rock influence in a few tracks on this album, but the album are leaning more towards the Soundgarden influence on this release.

In 2015 Karnival Korpus found themselves more and more inspired by bands like TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. This led to a creative time for the band, in which they released a few singles while writing new material.

2015 saw the release of their first single «Lynch». «House Of Glass On Stone» arrived in 2016, and «The Liar» in 2017.

Karnival Korpus are:

Thomas: Guitars

Thomas are laying down them sweet sounds with his Fender anad PRS guitars. With the help of a Peavey ValveKing 100 and a Hughes & Kettner TubeMaister 18 through a 412 Peavey Winsor Cab.

Harald: Vocals

Spitting rhymes as nobodys business. Cooking up the meanest vocal-lines on this side of the planet.

Lars Ivar: Guitars

Lars rocks out on Gibson and Harr guitars, Jet City H 20 amp and a 412 custom cab.

Anders: Drums & keyboards

Anders smacks his way on a MAPEX Horizan drumset adorned by Sabian cymbals and the occasionalcowbell.

Einar: Bass

Einar slappin’ da bass, and the bass of choice is Spector basses going through a few Darkglass and DSM Noisemaker pedals before it hits Euphonic Amps.